Create Your Shirt – Designs (A)


How to order:

  1. Choose a Shirt Style
  2. Choose a Size
  3. Choose a Color
  4. Choose Design Size (large or pocket size)
  5. Choose Front or Back for application
    You can switch between front and back and different colors to find the best match
  6. Click on desired “Dog Design”. Then drag design into “dotted line area”
  7. Once you have matched everything the way you want, click “Create design” this will merge the picture with the shirt!
  8. Now you see a picture of your final shirt design and you can
  9.  Click the “Add to Cart’ button


All Shirts printed by us are pre-washed to reduce shrinkage.

Unisex Shirts: Softspun 100% cotton, straight cut.

Ladies Shirts: Softspun 100% cotton, slightly fitted, wider neck, shorter arms.
V-Neck Shirts: Ladies cut, fitted, 60% combed Softspun cotton / 40% lightweight jersey, medium deep V.
Longarm Shirts: 100% Softspun cotton, ladies cut.